• Advice on business form
    - Selection of business entity; Representative office, Branch, LLC, Joint-stock Corporation
  • Business set-up
    - Preparation of the articles of incorporation
    - Registration of the business entity
  • Filing Tax and Social insurance notification subsequent to the business establishment
    - Statutory required reports/notifications to the national and local tax offices, the social insurance offices
  • Termination/Liquidation of the business entity
    - Liquidator service, Tax return on liquidation/termination, Registration of liquidation


  • Accounting and financial administrative services
    - Book keeping, Periodical reporting to the parent office
  • Preparation of the financial statements
    - Japan GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS and its conversion
  • Payroll
    - Gross-up calculation for the guaranteed net salary after tax
    - Social insurance compliance
    - Year-end adjustment of the withholding income tax
  • Payment administration
    - Settlement of the vendor invoice, payroll, taxes


  • Japanese corporate tax returns
    - Corporate tax compliances for the national and the local tax
    - Consumption tax compliances for the resident and the non-resident
    - Business premises tax, the annual tax reports
  • Application of tax treaty, social security agreement
  • Assistance for corporate tax audit
  • Tax Representative Service


  • Individual income tax compliance
    - Annual income tax return for the resident (expatriate, sole-proprietor)
    - Tax administration for the non-resident (tax representative for repatriate)
  • Tax advice on the stock remuneration and other incentive plans
  • Assistance for individual income tax audit
  • Gift tax and Inheritance tax compliance
Advice/consulting fee is charged on the actual time incurred at the rate of JPY20,000 per hour (minimum charge JPY20,000).
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